New release

After 28 months of production, on February 29, 2024 "Nova Sonic" was released.

Available in all streaming online shops, on Bandcamp (Interstellaris Music)

and in the homepage shop as a CD.

Published now!

Iceland IV (History) is finished and published now. This is the last part of the "Iceland Moods".

For detailed Informations see the page "Productions". Available on my Bandcamp-Page.


The Trilogy "Bretonische Landschaften"

The Trilogy "Bretonische Landschaften" is published and is available in all wellknown onlineshops and on the Bandcamp-Site (Interstellaris Music).

Now available in CD-Shop

Iceland II (Nature), Timewindows 2020, Periods 2021 and Iceland III (Atmospheres)

are now available in the CD-Shop.

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