How it all began

My interest in music was aroused in 1965 by the "Beat-Club" of Radio Bremen. I was so fascinated by the drummers that I wanted to play drums, which I learned autodidactically. First I was from 1969 to 1985 drummer in various rock bands. Since there were always bands, which wanted to play predominantly or even exclusively own music was in this time my interest to write own lyrics. So I began to write a series of fantasy stories, which were intended as lyrics for prog rock albums. Unfortunately, this has never been implemented for a variety of reasons.

Das ist Alfred Göbel (Interstellaris)

From Rock to Electronic

My interest in electronic music was aroused very early.

It was triggered when, as a 14-year-old, I bought the record "Switched on Bach" from Walter (Wendy) Carlos and immediately became enthusiastic about it. It was followed by the first LP of TD and Kraftwerk in 1970. I wanted to do something like that. So I began to realize electronic experiments with the help of several tape recorders and tone generators parallel to the Drumming in a rock band.

I simply experimented with the so-called tape-loop-method and twisted tapes, in some cases very exotic and completely new sounds for the time. Until mid-1984 I played drums in a rock band. After this band was disbanded, I finally made the decision to continue alone and realize my own musical ideas.

Die ersten elektronischen Versuche 1973

The first Studio

That's why I built my own recording studio in 1985. There I produced under the name "Anthares" up to 1997 a total of 5 albums with electronic music.


At the same time under the project name "Timework" the two rock albums "Inner Backingvocs" and "Screenplay", which are no longer available, were released.

Das erste Studio 1997

End and  new Beginning

1997 I decided to stop completely, sold my studio and it began a 10-year break. In 2008, I started working on new projects under the name "Interstellaris" in my new studio.

Interstellaris Recordingsession für "Flammende Horizonte"


The album "Flammende Horizonte" is the first production of "Interstellaris" and my first production since 20 years.


In 2017 the "Interstellaris Music Label" was founded. On this label are released until the middle of 2018 a re-release of the debut album of Anthares, ("Carina Cygnus"), as well as the second Interstellaris album "Elysia Veradisima Part 1", the setting of an over 40 years old own concept.

More Anthares re-releases and new albums by Interstellaris will follow.

Das Cover von "Flammende Horizonte"

The fractal art

Parallel to the same time, I discovered my interest in graphics, especially for fractal art. My long-standing activity as a writer (media designer), the intensive occupation with electronic music and my curiosity to discover new art forms for me were also decisive. This is how the first fractal images came about, until I decided in 2011 to deal with this art form more intensively. Over the course of time the first series of editions were created. A concept was developed in 2013. The result was to publish the series of editions under the name "Fractal Media Arts".

Das Logo von Fractal Media Arts


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