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Nova Sonic

After 28 months of production, on February 29, 2024

"Nova Sonic" was released.

Particulary noteworthy on this album is the use of a German

text in "Nebulae", which was already written in 1981.


Another special feature is in the title "Pillars of Creation (Bolero)" which, as the name suggests, is a composition in the classical style, my own bolero in the tempo "Moderato assai".


Definition of the individual titles

Nova Sonic


A nova is a transient astronomical event that causes the sudden appearance of a bright, apparently "new" star, that slowly fades over several weeks or many months. Causes of the dramtic appearance of a nova vary, depending on the circumstances of the two progenitor stars. All observed novae involve a white dwarf in a close binary system..



Adapted from Sonique (french word for "sound").


Nova Sonic

Means something like an

"explosing sound eruption".

Nova Sonictrons - 10:14 -

Means sonething like a "soundmanipulator", as a

suffix (-tron) a device to manipulate.

Hoster I - 11:58 -

Is symbolic here for the generation of data.

Hoster II (Posted) - 11:48 -

Is symbolic here for the distribution of generated data.

Positronic Alpha Y - 13:39 -

Positron, the first known antiparticle - positive electrons. Also from Sci-Fi-Scene.

Positiv robots with a positronic (positive) brain, that shows human, positive traits.

Here the name of the robot is "Alpha Y".

Nebulae - 15:24 -

Fog. This means the infinite number of star nebulae.

Also the inexplicable.

An own surreal lyric, written in 1981, is used in this song.

Pillars of Creation (Bolero) - 14:35 -

Pillars of Creation is the name of a formation in the

Eagle Nebula, about 7000 light years away from earth.

The 4-part EP-edition "The Iceland Moods"

On these 4 EPs the landscapes (Iceland I - Landscapes), the fascination of nature (Iceland II - Nature),

the special atmospheres and moods (Iceland III - Atmospheres)

and the historical beginnings (Iceland IV - History) are described.


All EPs are less electronic music in the typical art, because the typical elements are almost not existent.

The emphasis was placed on calm, long standing chords, unobtrusive, gentle basses (if it all)

and leads of natural instruments or vocals, which are subtly adjusted.

Nature sounds are in the foreground to emphasize the calm, relaxing effect.


Thus, the whole has the character of chill-, lounge-, wellness-, relaxation- and meditation music.

Treat yourself to a little break and enjoy the relaxing effect of the Iceland Moods Edition.

Have fun!


Iceland IV - (History)

The fourth and last EP of the 4-part EP-edition

"The Iceland Moods" is "Iceland IV (History".

It consists as the three other EPs, two songs that descripe the atmospheres of  iceland (Polar Blue and Althing at Pingvellir).

The other two songs are "Edda I" and "Edda II".

These songs are about the history of Iceland.


The Edda are two different Old Icelandic works.
The Snorra Edda by Snorri Sturluson, who wrote this work around 1220 for the Norwegian king Hákon Hákonarson.


The second work is called the Song Edda.
Around 1270, a collection of songs of various ages

was written down in Iceland


Definition of the individual titles

Edda I - 6:44 -

The text in Edda I is an excerpt from this older Edda.
Völuspa – The Prophecy of the Seeress.

Made with Google Translate (Islandic).

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Polar Blue - 4:57 -

A polar blue sky.
The mood of a bizarre, icy landscape,
beautiful and hostile at the same time.

Althing at Pingvellir - 4:52 -

The political general assembly (Althing) of all Icelanders in Pingvellir (place of assembly).
Already in 930 this general assembly took place.
In 1798 the Danes dissolved this assembly.

Edda II - 7:04 -

The text in Edda II is an excerpt from the younger Edda. Gylfaginning – Gylfis Visions.

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Edda II Intro:
Excerpt from „Heyr Himna Smiður“, composed

by Kolbeiin Tumason in 1208.

Performed and with kind permission of Háskólakórinn (the University Choir of Iceland)

in Zionskirche, Berlin. Juní 2015.

Thank you very much.

Edda II Outro:
Excerpt from „Iceland – Lofsöngur

(National Anthem).
Melody by Sveinbjörn Sveinbjörnsson,

Lyrics by Matthias Jochumsson.
Performed and with kind permission of

the Langholt Church Choir, Reykjavik, Iceland.
Here I have also to say: Thank you very much.

The Artwork of Iceland IV (History)

8-page booklet to turn over

The CD Cover

The Trilogy "Bretonische Landschaften"

The Trilogy "Bretonische Landschaften" consists of the following parts:


1. Das Lied des Meeres

2. Schönes Land der Wälder

3. Der Weg des Windes

4. The complete Trilogy


It is a kind of acoustic landscape description of the Bretagne, that tries to capture the mood of the sea, the forests and the wind. In order to get an overall impression, the trilogy was also produced as one song.