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The individual songtitles and the complete albums are available on the Bandcamp site (Interstellaris Music) as well as on the download platforms: Amazon Music, Spotify,

Google Play, Deezer, iTunes and more.

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The 4-part EP-edition "The Iceland Moods"

Iceland I (Landscapes) is the first part of a 4-part EP-edition, titled "The Iceland Moods"

On these 4 EPs the landscapes (Iceland I - Landscapes), the fascination of nature (Iceland II - Nature),

the special atmospheres and moods (Iceland III - Atmospheres)

and the historical beginnings (Iceland IV - History) are described.

All EPs are less electronic music in the typical art, because the typical elements are almost not existent.

The emphasis was placed on calm, long standing chords, unobtrusive, gentle basses (if it all)

and leads of natural instruments or vocals, which are subtly adjusted.

Nature sounds are in the foreground to emphasize the calm, relaxing effect.

Thus, the whole has the character of chill-, lounge-, wellness-, relaxation- and meditation music.

Treat yourself to a little break and enjoy the relaxing effect of Iceland I (Landscapes).

Have fun!

Iceland III (Atmospheres)

The third EP of the 4-part EP-edition "The Iceland Moods" is "Iceland III (Atmospheres)".

It consists, as the first both EPs, 4 titles that describe the atmospheres of iceland.

Definition of the individual titles

Lake Myvatn - 4:32 -

The Lake is ca. 50 Kilometer south from the coastal town Húsavík and has a surface of 37 km². So it is the fourth biggest lake of iceland. With a maximum depth of 4,2 m it is relative flat, in the middle there are only 2,3 m. At a lakelevel of ca.288 m form the settlements the highest areas inhabited all years round of iceland. That is a notice to the in summer favorable climatic situation of the lake. The drain of Myvatn is the river Laxá í Aðaldal.

Grimsnes - 5:44 -

The Grímsnes-Vulcano-System is in the south of iceland, in the municipality area of Grímsnes og Grafningur. You cross it as a tourist on the classical route of Gullni hringurinn (Golden Circle). It is ca. 15 to 20 km northeast of Selfoss.

Solheimajökull - 6:16 -

Sólheimajökull is an outlet glacier of the larger Mýrdalsjökull ice cap which lies atop the Katla caldera. It sits near the town of Vík í Mýrdal, a popular tourist location about 180km southeast of Reykjavik. The glacier is melting rapidly owing to warmer annual temperatures due to climate change. It is possible that many of the country's glaciers will become extinct within the next century.

Bardaströnd - 6:47 -

Barðaströnd is an area of historical interest in northwestern Iceland. It is the coast between Vatnsfjörður and Sigluneshlíðar in southern Westfjords region. This is the place where Flóki Vilgerðarson first set up winter camp.